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Tip and Cue Case Studies

Understanding Tip and Cue monitoring is one thing. Seeing its capabilities and applications is another. 

Below, we take a look at some examples of tangible applications for Tip and Cue strategies. 

Monitoring Polar Ice Melt with Tip and Cueing

In a recent study conducted by a team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers used the ‘Tip and Cue’ approach to combine elevation data of an arctic ice sheet from two different satellites and sensors - evaluating the accuracy of the methodology using separate datasets from highly accurate earth observation satellites.

Maritime Custody Service (MCS) Case Study: A BlackSky & Spire Global Partnership

The Maritime Custody Service (MCS) is a newly developed collaboration between BlackSky and Spire Global that will use an AI-powered vessel surveillance system designed for robust on-demand monitoring of the maritime domain.

Mitigating Deforestation in Cambodia with Tip and Cue Satellites

This report looks closer at the partnership between Amnesty International and Planet Labs, which uses satellite data and Tip and Cue strategies to identify, monitor, and mitigate environmental injustice in Cambodia and regulate deforestation's harm to people and the planet.

How Tip and Cue Satellites Can Support Plastic Waste Monitoring in Southeast Asia 

This report looks closely at a case study looking to identify plastic pollution sources in Indonesia. We walk you through the case study, discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the methods used, and discuss how some of the challenges can be overcome with Tip and Cue technologies. 

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