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What Is Tip and Cue Monitoring?

“Tip and Cue” is a term used to describe the process of monitoring a point or object of interest using two or more satellites to execute a request. The satellites work together to effectively and affordably monitor a subject of interest, using similar yet varying sensors to conduct the analysis. 


Typically, one satellite is equipped with a low-resolution optical sensor with a high field of view, collecting imagery (Tipping) and relaying that data to a second satellite with a higher-resolution sensor for follow-up imaging, monitoring, and analysis (Cueing).

View of earth from space with clouds over the ocean

Why Use Tip and Cue Monitoring?

Data-backed insights allow entities with a stake in the maritime sector to better plan, manage, and execute tasks with a high level of certainty and uncover emerging trends and threats across the maritime domain.

Small 3-u Cube Satellite

Reduce Operational Costs

Tip and Cueing reduces operational costs for those with a stake in the maritime domain by providing a higher level of certainty for targeted tasks and executions. 

Minimize Risk

Tip and Cue monitoring minimizes many of the risks involved with monitoring and tracking vessels and strategically executing enforcement operations at sea.

Operate with A High Level of Certainty

Tip and Cue Monitoring allows end-users to operate with the highest level of certainty, ensuring processes are executed with speed and efficiency.

Data-Backed Insights for Accurate & Timely Monitoring

You can't rely on your instincts when tracking vessels, monitoring an area of interest, or executing search and rescue missions. Instead, you need operational insight driven by data-backed analyses, which Tip and Cue technologies deliver in stride.

High-Resolution Imagery for Enhanced Observation

Satellites equipped with high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors allow for crystal clear monitoring capabilities, regardless of cloud cover, environmental conditions, or acclimate weather. SAR can even see in the dark, pushing its uses and applications to new heights.

Cargo barge from above

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